Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

Washing machines are workhorses that have become part of our daily rituals, they help you free up your schedule by easily cleaning your clothes, but often we don’t
pay enough attention to them considering that the machines use up to
30 gallons of water per load – enough to fill a bathtub, this is plenty of water that can cause serious damage to your house.
It only takes a single hose or a seal in the washing machine to trigger a flood, so what do you do when this happens?
here are a few suggestions for washing machine flood cleanup;

Turn off the Water Supply to the Washer – Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

This is the immediate step to take regardless of the whats causing the flood, you could compare
this as stopping the bleeding to prevent further damage.
You can do this by shutting the valve supplying water to the washing machine or alternatively
shut down the entire water supply to your house until the problem is fixed.

Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

Cut the Power – Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

Water is a good conductor of electric power, there is, therefore, a real danger of harm caused by
being in contact with water that is exposed to an electric current.
To protect yourself from being electrocuted, switch off power from the circuit
breaker, under no attempt should you try pulling the plug.
The plug may be submerged in water and then transfer the current to you.

Remove Clothing From the Washing Machine

After you are sure that you are safe from any electrical harm, remove any clothing in the washer
and place them in a nearby sink or storage tub until the machine is fixed.

Drying up the Area

At this point, you now need to do damage control, you could use a mop, towels or sheets to soak up as much water as possible, wring them as they get saturated and repeat the
process until all the standing water is removed.
In the event that the water is more than an inch deep, it would be more effective to pump the water out.While the towels, sheets or mops will clear most of the water, they won’t completely dry
up the area.
You could use a dry vacuum cleaner to extract the rest of the water.
A vacuum cleaner is a very effective tool for sucking water from porous materials
such as cabinets, drywall, and carpeting.
The dry vacuum is also effective on non-porous materials such as glass and metal.
You also want to remove appliances and other equipment to dry up the surfaces underneath them.

To make sure that your floor and surfaces are completely dry, you could
use a dehumidifier or fan to completely expel moisture from the area.
While a normal household fan can do the job, a commercial air
mover will work best, make sure to also lift your carpet for better aeration if it has been affected by water.

Inspect Damage and Remove any Unsalvageable Material

Be careful when performing this task, you might need the services of a professional repair guy to
help you with some of the items such as the damaged ceiling, flooring or subflooring.
Enlisting the services of a San Diego Water Damage
 expert also lowers the potential of any injuries sustained from working with tools or unstable surfaces.

Fix the Damaged Area – Washing Machine Flood Cleanup

Fixing the damaged area depends on the extent of the damage, it might be a minor DIY or a more complicated procedure that may have to be done by a professional.
you might need to install new drywall, flooring, cabinets and also to put a fresh coat of paint on the affected area.

The Washing Machine

For the washing machine you could either fix it or dump it, sometimes the cost of fixing the machine may be almost equal with the cost of buying a new one, or your unit might just be very old, in these cases it would be wise to replace the entire unit, however, the damage on the washing machine might be minor, maybe a faulty hose, pump, motor or seal.
These can be easily be replaced by a technician as the p[arts are universal and therefore easily accessible, if this is the case have the unit fixed.


It important to always enlist the services of a water expert damage whenever you experience any form of water damage, they have been trained for that exact reason.
You want the damaged repaired perfectly as if it never happened, then this is the way to go.