6 Step Guide to Dry Out & Get Rid of Crawl Space Moisture

The most common cause of moisture level in your crawl space is flooding and heavy
rainfall as it can wreck havoc to the space while impacting the foundation and
insulation of your property. Moreover, a damp crawlspace can be the reason for
the growth of mold and mildew that can eventually lead to serious health
problems. Excess moisture content in your crawlspace can also cause problems like pest
invasions and rotted floor joists and you will need to look for steps that will
help you deal with this problem in an efficient manner.

6 Step Guide to Dry Out & –Get Rid of Crawl Space Moisture includes

Get access to crawl space- the best way of getting rid of moisture is by entering
in the crawl space and if you do not have the door to get inside then you will
need to make an entry. You can also make use of the interior floor and foundation
wall to carrying on inspection of the crawlspace if you are unable to enter the

Remove debris and wet materials- drying out is very important for completion of this project
successfully and for this you will have to remove all the wet materials that
can cause further moisture problem.

Crawl space clean up- you will need to clean the area for getting rid of mold, mildew
and other surface contaminants. After the clean-up, you will need to sanitize
the area so that you can prevent further damage.

Install electric fan- the fan is very important part of drying process as it helps in
circulating the indoor air and preventing dampness from causing further

Insulate your foundation- you should opt for moisture proof insulation in this
crawlspace as it will prevent moisture and air from entering in the space. You
will also need to insulate the caulk and rim joists of the foundation for
preventing moisturized air flow.

Hire professionals- you will need the assistance and guidance of professionals who
will take the necessary steps for preventing moisture from causing damages.

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